The Core Team

Meet the great minds behind this amazing application!

Our business is a business built on knowledge and unique ideas and as you may assume our team is our primary and most valuable asset. When we choose our employees we never compromise with qualities such as professionalism, experience and reliability.

Leadership Roles

Sumit Kumar


Rahul Arya


Prerna Verma

Business Manager

Rahul Kumar


Amarjeet Singh

Marketing/Holidays - Head

Partho Kumar

Web/Android - Developer

Vikash Kumar

Senior Business Development Officer

Khusboo Kumari

Business Development Officer

Rakhi Verma


There's something else that's always been a little different and special about us. Today, so much of the way we travel has been mass- produced and computerized. MUSAFIR BAZAR is just the new tech for online travel business workers. We're a community of individuals. We're powered by people of all different backgrounds and beliefs, each with our own outlook and our own story to tell. We're letting everyone create their own unique online travel business under our smart application. This is love made application can be as unique as every one of us, and it will always be a little different whenever you meet it. So we want you to make your own business, and we'll help you bring your story to life with merchandise that showcases the experience you're proud to provide. MUSAFIR BAZAR is helping people especially who dream but not able to pay for it.

MUSAFIR BAZAR Made with in India